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1. What does the CSF offer?

The CSF provides financial and administrative support for the organization of

- International conferences
- Workshops
- ETH Summer Schools
- ETH Winter Schools

These events generally consist of medium sized groups of up to 100-120 participants. The conference facilities are provided by the Congress Center of the Monte Verità Foundation and consist of:
- The main building including a hotel with 52 bedrooms, a restaurant, two lecture halls, various seminar rooms, a computer room and administrative offices.
- The surroundings, which offer excellent opportunities for woodland walks, a park with a tennis court and a museum about the history of the location.
More details about the conference facilities can be found under Monte Verità.

2. To whom are CSF subsidized events accessible?

CSF events are open to all professors and scientists working at a Swiss academic institution (such as universities, institutes of technology or research institutes) who wish to organize a meeting, for example an international conference, at a high academic level. A financial support is allocated on the basis of the scientific quality of the meeting. More information

3. Where do CSF events take place?

The venue of CSF subsidized events is the congress center of the Fondazione Monte Verità, situated in the middle of a park, on a hill above the town of Ascona called Monte Verità ("Mountain of Truth") with a wonderful view over the Lago Maggiore and the surrounding mountains.

Monte Verità was founded in 1900 and has an extremely diverse and fascinating history. It first started as a colony of vegetarians and continued as a sanatorium until 1920, attracting many anarchists, idealists, writers, philosophers and artists such as Hermann Hesse, Friederich Glauser, Carl Gustav Jung, Isadora Duncan, Rudolf von Laban and many others.

4. What is the difference between the Congressi Stefano Franscini and the congress center Monte Verità?

Monte Verità is a property belonging to the Canton Ticino and managed by a foundation called Fondazione Monte Verità. The Fondazione Monte Verità runs a congress centre which includes a hotel, a restaurant, both open to the public as well, various conference rooms, a museum about the history of Monte Verità (under renovation) and a century-old park with the remains of the Sanatorium Monte Verità (1900 - 1920) and a great variety of Flora.

The Congressi Stefano Franscini is a division of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETH Zurich), and is responsible for the promotion, selection and financing of international conferences, Workshops, ETH Summer- and Winter Schools at the venue Monte Verità since 1989. It is a client of the congress center of the Fondazione Monte Verità to which it brings 20 to 25 3 to 5-day events yearly.
The Congressi Stefano Franscini, as ETHZ, is also a member of the Fondazione Monte Verità administrative board.

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